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Quilted Souls

I think that my favorite relationship in the Bible is that of David and Jonathan—best buddies willing to do anything for each other. The heart of their friendship is [...]

March 31, 2017

Fiction: Swordtongue

Lyron paused on the hilltop. The land before him was desolate, hills red with dust, fields brown with dead plants, trees skeletal and leafless even in spring. A Darktalker [...]

March 31, 2017

Return to Tokatee

One of my life’s joys is finding waterfalls. I am blessed to live in a state that has hundreds, if not thousands, of waterfalls. I devote weekends to visiting Oregon’s [...]

March 31, 2017


As far back as Biblical times, memorials have been built for remembrance. Much to the chagrin of my aunt, who was a history teacher, I didn’t embrace history. Too many dry [...]

March 31, 2017

Living “Epic”

by Felicia Mires One of my favorite words is “epic.” I don’t use it much in my writing because I don’t like to sound repetitive, but I often say it to my daughter. [...]

February 14, 2017

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