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We Must Do It For The Children

IMG_3545From the beginning of recorded history, humans have made monumental decisions based upon the needs of their children. Some parents would move far away from the land in which they themselves were born and raised, because they wanted their children to have a better chance in the world.

The Pilgrims, who left England, and many who followed them, came to America both for religious freedom, and a better future for their children. Many may remember the television series based upon Laura Ingalls Wilders’ novel, Little House on The Prairie. It’s the story of a man who moved west so his family would have a better future.

Today, Americans are more active in politics than the Ingalls were, and unlike England which the pilgrims left, we have the right to vote for who our leaders will be. Those would-be leaders have become deft at knowing what buttons to push for our votes. More often than not, these political candidates run on platforms that promise to benefit the children. Come Election Day, millions of citizens vote for the politician who has convinced them that they care the most about their children’s future.

Before Obamacare, President Johnson signed over 226 different bills of legislation that began what he touted as his “Great Society.” The Welfare Program was among the slew of new programs supposed to benefit only those in poverty who had children. It was a promise to end poverty as we know it, but sixty years later the poverty level in America is higher than it was when he signed the legislation. Along with the destruction of the family, almost 50% of Americans today collect a check from the federal government.

Like Obama, Johnson needed enough Democrats in Congress to write the legislation he wanted to sign into law. To do so, he ran a political advertisement that showed a little girl picking the petals off a daisy. The camera zoomed into the pupil of her eye letting the viewer see a nuclear explosion while you could hear Johnson saying, “These are the stakes—to make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die.” Since that election, politicians have perfected their ability to use children to get elected and to sell to the American voter on the programs they want enacted.

In the mid 1980’s, politicians convinced the citizens in state after state that lotteries would supply the needed cash for their education systems. The voters couldn’t resist the campaigns that promised to improve the education of their children. As of today, 44 states are involved in some sort of lottery where a portion of the earnings are used specifically for the education of their children. Unfortunately, the expected jackpot never materialized for the purpose it was intended. Instead we learned that state after state has been caught using the funds for programs other than education. Even if all the money was used as allocated, it would fall substantially short of the promises made to the voters.

Politicians also made the promise that the children would be the big winners if the people just voted to legalize gambling in their states. So in state after state the voters either voted for initiatives or elected officials who passed legislation allowing gambling to be legalized. As of today, 39 states have some form of legalized gambling, whether it be slot machines and video poker in restaurants and bars, or full-fledged casinos operated by independent owners or by Indian tribes. Like the lottery, a portion of the profits are supposed to benefit the education system for the children. As with the lottery, the money just never seems to materialize for the purpose for which it was sold to the people.

The politicians and the money-hungry bureaucrats are never at a loss as to where to get more money. They also recognize a sucker when they see one, and the American voters have “sucker” written right on their foreheads. Another scam they sold to the citizens was grabbing the profits from the tobacco industry. They realized they cannot kill the golden goose they wish to fleece, so instead they convinced the voters to raise taxes on tobacco products. As usual, the money is used for many general purposes instead of what they promised the voter. Again, the children were just a prop used by the politicians get what they wanted.

Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat party used the children to sell a Utopian healthcare system that the world would envy. So far the ones getting the least out of Obama’s promises are the children as tens of millions of American families are discovering. Because of the new regulations under Obamacare, they can no longer afford their healthcare insurance so now they have no healthcare. Need I repeat the lie of the century?

“If you like your plan you can keep it.”

We are still unsure where this debacle of Obama’s will end, but so far the future is looking pretty bleak for the children. As of 2015, the U.S National Debt will be $24.5 Trillion, while the children, whom the politicians swear they care so much about, are looking at a lifetime of trying to pay $144 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Like the children who followed the Pied Piper to their demise, so to have the citizens been continually following the advice of the greedy politicians while never realizing the promises made for the children. I’m reminded of the way the Israelites refused to follow the advice of Caleb and Joshua that the promised land was theirs for the taking if they just trusted the Lord. Instead, the people cried that they were fearful their children would be victimized by the giants of the land. In the end, it was their children who inherited the land while the parents died one-by-one in the desert.

Today I see the citizens continually falling for one promise after another that the future will be bright for their children if they just go for one more scheme. All the while these same politicians continue whittling away at the freedoms we once had as they line their pockets and the pockets of their friends in a system where crony capitalism reigns supreme. Like a malignant cancer, the government grows bigger and bigger by the year. Constantly taking more and more money from the citizens who keep falling for the promises that, “it’s all for the children.” In the end, it will be their children who will be the slaves of a system that is broken, thanks in large part to their parents, because they did it all for their children.

By Chuck Ness

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