Poetry: From The Cradle


From the cradle of cunning Jacob
Two nations struggled together in the womb
But one nation would be stronger than the other
The younger would snatch kingship from the older
Because the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob

When the two nations were born
Red and hairy came out Esau the firstborn
The second one came out his hand on Esau’s heel
So his name was called Jacob the snatcher
Yet the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob

When Jacob and Esau were of age
Esau sold his birthright for pottage
Jacob the snatcher snatched the firstborn position
Esau the Edomite despised what was Godgiven
For the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob

When their father Isaac was stricken of age
He wanted to bequeath his lineage
Yet the firstborn could not receive the blessing
Because the heel snatcher was quick on cunning
Nevertheless the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob

From the cradle of cunning Jacob
To the rebirth of blessed Israel
From the journey of Jacob to Haran
To the blessing of Israel at Bethel Indeed the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob

The God of the failures of Jacob
Is also the God of the victories of Israel
The God of the evil of Jacob
Is also the God of the righteousness of Israel
Because the God of Israel is also the God of Jacob.

Eric Kimori is the founding pastor of Calvary New Covenant Ministries and the founder and Executive Director of Complitkenya, all based in Kenya. Complitkenya is a social enterprise whose mission is to expand access to information and promote education for sustainable development in Kenya. Pastor Kimori is a Mass Communication professional with expertise in Broadcast Journalism. With Complitkenya, he envisions to build community digital libraries and open learning centres in rural Kenya to provide equitable access to knowledge and information to rural communities. His church ministry endeavors include church planting missions, training and equipping of ministry leaders, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, and social-economic support of people living with HIV. Mr. Kimori was in July 2015 competitively and successfully selected to join the inaugural cohort of the YALI East Africa Regional Leadership centre at Kenyatta University in Nairobi; a twelve weeks leadership training and mentorship programme, which he completed successfully. He describes himself as ‘the dreaming poet’. He is a budding writer, who has published poems in two different African Anthologies. He is a committed Christian, a church leader, a husband and father of four children, who include twins. He can be reached through his email address: kimori.eric@gmail.com or kimori.eric@yahoo.com

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