We Welcome Church Teams

TRC Magazine is in the midst of positive changes. We want to partner with the global church in social media ministry. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that we will welcome church teams to become Columnist Writers with us.

Each writer on your church team will not be given an individual WordPress User ID or individual bios on the website. The website and WordPress will list the Church and whatever bio the Team Leader at that Church gives to TRC Magazine. The byline will read your Church name. Another byline will be given if the writer on your team wants to have some cross-networking because they wish to add their work to their resume or website.

The purpose of creating this new team is to promote the Church and allow the Church to serve online to increase website visits to their own sites, build up the reputation of the Church through the various writings of the team, and let the Church participate by training their team how to interact online and post godly stories.

We have some caveats to this though:

  • Each volunteer on the church team must, in their personal lives and within their personal relationships, abide by our Statement of Faith. We depend on the church team leaders to determine the best leaders in their congregation to join the team.
  • Each volunteer on the church team must sign individual media releases provided by TRC Magazine. They must be signed, not electronically signed or typed. TRC Magazine will keep these media releases. The Church Team Leader will communicate with TRC Magazine’s publisher and manage his own volunteers. TRC Magazine reserves the right to let go of any church team at any time for any reason. We desire to build good relationships with churches and empower them to share the Gospel online. We desire to help church teams build their own church platform and online presence while assisting in helping them grow as a congregation.
  • Church teams must write at least once a year.
  • Though not required, we ask that church teams respond to comments on their articles or anywhere on social media. It is up to that church to talk to the reader, engaging them as if they were in a face-to-face situation. Who knows how that person may come to Christ or if they are looking for a church home?

You can ask more questions at info@trcmagazine.org. We check this email once per week. Or we can arrange for a Zoom session to talk further.

Thank you,

Nikole Hahn






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