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Phoenix Pastors’ Workshop: Rethinking How We Invite People to Church

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January 9, 2018
A Workshop for Phoenix Area Pastors and Their Staffs
Beyond Marketing: Developing Online Evangelistic Outreach Teams

Most churches use social media to build a platform (or market their church and programs online) to attract people to come to their church. What if you were able to inspire your congregation (half of which is probably already online) to use their social media to intentionally engage people for Christ? This workshop will focus on how to develop those teams, train your congregation, and help bridge the generations as we blend strategy with authenticity to create community connections.

In partnership with the following…

Southwest Church Connection


…and thanks to Desert Springs Community Church for hosting this! 

Meanwhile, this Christmas, consider how you can use your social media to talk to people about Christmas and what it means to you. Are you praying for your neighbor even if they voted for the other guy? Can you find topics of conversation that lead to Gospel subjects?

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