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Faithfulness in a Fallen World

We have a faithful God, there’s no denying that. From bringing us back when we stray to always providing for us, even when circumstances seem impossible, He always “has our backs,” so to speak.

But, we truly must ask ourselves this: how are we faithful? Do we even read our Bibles? Do we pray? Do we bother with church? What about beyond: evangelism, missions, and monetarily supporting the church? We need to teach the younger generation to be faithful; but unless we, ourselves, are faithful, it is an impossible feat.

It was pointed out to me that we often have opportunities for faithfulness when we don’t even realize it. For example: how many times does the “steak guy” come to your door selling frozen steaks? I know they come to ours a lot. You could simply ask (possibly before politely denying those steaks), “Do you believe in heaven? What about Jesus Christ?” If they answer yes, ask, “Do you know you’re going there? How?” If no, well, you now have the perfect opportunity to witness to this person! And, that, is faithfulness.

God opens doors for us to be faithful so very often, and we, so very often, ignore them and close them. In addition to something like the above scenario, we ought to be reading our Bibles, praying to our Lord and Savior, and attending church. Not only that, but we ought to be active in our local church. All of these are ways to be faithful. Our God is faithful to us: why would we not be faithful to Him?


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful;

Hebrews 10:23