About TRC Magazine

A Quarterly Publication

Like a good cup of coffee, faith can touch and be touched. It warms and wakes us and magnifies the joy of Salvation. Through our shared belief in Christ, TRC Magazine strives to bring all areas of life together and show how applied faith in Christ guides what is wayward, mends what is broken, teaches what is unknown, and provides abundant joy for each day. In our weakness, God is glorified.200247706-001

TRC Magazine Defined:

  • The Christian strives to authentically follow Christ in a fallen world.
  • The Christian is an “alive” Christian–one who doesn’t compartmentalize his faith, but one who breathes it, speaks it, and carries it forth.
  • The articles are representative of various aspects of life, and as a whole, strive to reflect a well-rounded life in Christ.
  • All articles and volunteers must abide by our Statement of Faith and our policies as outlined in the volunteer and intern handbook.  


Graphics used were free on the internet, original, canva.com, from creative commons or morguefiles, CCVresources.com, or permission was given by the owner.

Note From the Publisher: We also use affiliate links from Amazon. Because our editors and writers are volunteers, this is the only way we can reward them for their loyalty and hard work. So if a product is mentioned and linked, it is only because they would buy it themselves. We do not spam or post affiliate links for the purpose of just money. That would defeat our purpose in this publication. So consider buying that product through one of the links to help support us.

Liability: All writers and editors are responsible for their own words and graphics. Their opinion may or may not be shared by the publisher or its affiliates.

TRC Magazine Brand: No intern or volunteer may use TRC Magazine’s brand, its symbols, name, or act as if they are speaking on behalf of TRC Magazine on any personally owned social media, videos, or printable material without express permission. All interns and writers are given permission to use some aspects of TRC Magazine’s own social media sites to promote TRC Magazine’s brand and sometimes their own ministries (and they can be removed if that is abused). A video created by a writer may publish it on his own youtube account on or after date of publication with express permission from the publishers, but as a writer, not as TRC Magazine, but as a writer with TRC Magazine. 

How to Join the Team

Everyone on staff with TRC Magazine must be believers in what the Bible says and in what our Statement of Faith says.

Guest Posts and interviewees do not have to be believers if their message is non-theological, opinion, or not related to Christianity, but helping the Christian understand a non-believers point of view. Controversial items may have a Christian post on the same subject by one of our writers or an explanation of our side of the argument within the same post or article if it violates our statement of faith.

Columnist Writers: Are writers listed as staff on our website. They are unpaid volunteers and are required to write at least once per year.

Churches (also referred to as Writers) can choose to be represented on TRC Magazine with a team of volunteers. Your byline would be, “by (Name of Church Here),” and TRC Magazine must receive media releases from each volunteer. The vetting process is done through the church. TRC Magazine will not manage their volunteers, but only the church leader. The church leader is responsible for content that agrees with our policies and procedures and statement of faith. We encourage churches to get involved with social media ministry in this way.

Editors: get assigned their own email accounts to represent TRC Magazine when communicating with others and our team. Editors manage a section of the ezine and its volunteers. They are responsible for maintaining relations with them and getting new writers and guest writers each quarter and constantly communicating with the publisher. They report to the publisher.

Guest Writers will sign a media release for a one-time publication. They give us permission to promote it and put it under their byline whether a legal or pen name.