Writers Guidelines

While we are always looking to be innovative and embrace technology and its changes, we are not another blog. Writers and Interns must give us articles with substance and thought. If you don’t have time to write for us, that’s okay. We want to show the best side of you. Writers are not required to write every publication period, but they are required to write at least once per year. We are partners working together to share the Gospel, not just promote you and your work (though that is a benefit you get from writing or interning with us).

  • Articles must be no longer than 3,000 words and no shorter than 700, and must contain an image or video. You must do your best to edit it yourself (grandfathered in the old policy is our original team brought in before August, 2017).
  • We use only copyright-free images, stock photos bought by the author, external video links from social sharing sites not produced by TRC Magazine, and images or video used with a media release for those featured in the photo or video and/or from the owner of the photograph or video used in the production of a TRC Magazine video.
  • Any missionaries used in the article or video are not referred to as missionaries and the words mission and missionaries are struck from it. Each writer and intern is responsible for their own security in their writer bios on our website. This rule applies to articles published.
  • Be internet aware of what you publish and the context. If revealing someone’s ministry or mission will cause their work to be exposed to their detriment, we will opt for pen names and changing a few details to be discreet, even after publication.

Article Content We Like:

  • Interviews of regular people in their day-to-day lives enduring trials and suffering. How is God overcoming for them?
  • Creative content that uses many different news sources to make a point.
  • Scripture loaded content.
  • Stewardship articles.
  • Crafts, art, literature, and photography.
  • Creative writers looking to think outside the box when getting us solid content.

Once articles are published with TRC Magazine, the writer, editor, church volunteer, or intern retains the rights to the articles and may publish them elsewhere. The writer, editor, church volunteer, or intern may not have their articles removed due to walking away from serving with TRC Magazine unless their lives may be in danger with it being on the internet. We retain the right to promote and publish any media they submit for consideration before, on, and after the publication date.

Email queries: rharris@trcmagazine.org

Meet Our Grammar & Punctuation Expert:

Laurin Boyle


Blog: https://laurinboyle.wordpress.com/

Follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, striving to learn more and grow closer to Him. Former public middle school English, Reading, Social Studies teacher now spending my days trying to figure out where God needs me to go next! I love to serve God, take photos, be crafty, jot down random thoughts, and crochet poorly. – Laurin