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  By Alyssa Gamache   If you shall live, then die; A life that’s saved is lost. This world with Christ is cross’d As aside this world must lie. He said, “Take [...]

December 1, 2017

From Darkness

Dark, isolated, rough, Harsh, scratchy, jagged, Boundaries getting closer, tighter, Open wounds, gaping, tearing Don’t you know of the light It is there within sight Why [...]

December 1, 2017

Poetry: I Grew Up In Church

by S.M. Holland I grew up in church But I wasn’t allowed to question It was a form of oppression I was told I was filled with aggression They didn’t let me gain [...]

October 31, 2016

Poetry: From The Cradle

From the cradle of cunning Jacob Two nations struggled together in the womb But one nation would be stronger than the other The younger would snatch kingship from the older [...]

October 31, 2016

Celebrating Poetry Month

  The above post is from Grammarly (grammarly.com/grammar-check). This is a secular site and TRC Magazine has no control over the use of language in the Facebook section [...]

April 30, 2015

Poem: Amore Salvatoris

AMORE SALVATORIS (Love of the Savior) Adorned in gown of flowing righteousness, She treads the aisle on the arm of Grace; While Faith, her bridesmaid, in the front keeps [...]

January 31, 2015

The Present Gift

Too many dwell with Yesterday, Though her company be spent, And dream and reminisce the time away. Too many search for Tomorrow’s soft embrace In which to lie still, [...]

October 31, 2014

The Things I Do

The things I do, I do not wish to do, so Lord I pray for the strength to do that which is correct. I see the things my flesh desires and I am enticed by the joy I believe I [...]

July 31, 2014

I Will Continue to Fight On

Before I found Christ, my soul was lost in sin. The evil one controlled it, he had found a way in. The desires of my flesh commanded my soul, While the evil one turned it [...]

April 30, 2014

Poetry: The Storm

Joyous, smiles, gleeful Surrounded by many; Blameless, carefree, inspiring Pure, well-defined thoughts;   Clear blue atmosphere Sunshine fills the heavens Unaware of the [...]

December 1, 2013

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