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An Open Door at 37,000 Feet

An open door at 37,000 feet could be catastrophic–or it could be an amazing opportunity to glorify God! As a traveling Christian musician, I work for Jesus from the [...]

April 30, 2016

In God’s Grace – The Journey

Six and a half years after the end of a twenty-year marriage, I found myself lost, and quite honestly, in auto pilot mode. At the time, it felt like I was grieving a death; a [...]

January 31, 2016


  I know it’s strange to be talking about Christmas when we’ve barely cleared Halloween, but our band, Karmann and Kompany, loves Christmas. We are in the [...]

October 31, 2015

Faith ELEVATED: A Symphony of Praise

Elevate Music Festival is one of Arizona’s leading Music events. A three day festival produced by Celebration Concerts and Extreme Faith Productions, in it’s fourth year, [...]

July 31, 2015

The Future is Now

Christmas is a busy time of year for most people. Ours was no exception–Work, family, friends, church, music…..lots of music…and food everywhere. It was [...]

January 31, 2015

The Good You Do Comes Back to You

The motivation for most of us who perform is not always to ‘receive’, because you never know what your audience will be like. Most performers love the music and love to play and sing. That is motivation enough. There is one audience I have always ‘received’ from and that is the home-bound audience who do not get many opportunities to hear live music. This population usually includes seniors and younger people who are handicapped and cannot freely move about. [...]

October 31, 2014

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