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The Christmas Spider

The moment his wife Sara climbed up the Christmas tree, knocking off ornaments and splintering branches, Greg Marshall knew that Christmas was ruined. Unless he found the [...]

December 1, 2017

Is Christ in your Christmas?

The question is often asked in school, “What would this look like to aliens who just landed on Earth, and they saw…” The purpose of the exercise is to get [...]

December 1, 2017


  I know it’s strange to be talking about Christmas when we’ve barely cleared Halloween, but our band, Karmann and Kompany, loves Christmas. We are in the [...]

October 31, 2015

Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right!

Karmann and Kompany is excited to announce the exclusive release of their song, Let’s Celebrate Christmas Right, to TRC readers.  Just because it’s summer [...]

July 31, 2014